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        Machine Room Passenger Elevator
      • Machine room elevator inlcule MR Up and MR Down, Adopt MMS modular design,32-bit networking
        micro-computer control, professional group control for 8 elevators, absolute value memorization of car¡¯s displacement, all these configurations fully ensure our passenger elevators¡¯ excellent performance and powerful function. Elegant interior car decoration bringing comfortable riding can satisfy different occasion and individualistic customer demands. Passenger elevators with geared machine perform well and reliably. Adopted leading technology of permanent magnetic synchronization keep its superior character: energy saving, environment-friendly, space saving and reduction of building construction costs. passenger elevators provide various solutions for high-rise residence, office, hotel and public construction applications
      • Enquiry sheet for elevator DownLoad
        Please download and fill in, and then upload to me or fax: 86-10-58202005

        Product feature: 

        1. Total Digitalization 
        2. Save more energy sources 
        3. Quiet and environmentally friendly 

        1. Control system: Adopt world advanced 32 digit computer control system, multi-module                
        structure and digital-controlled technique, serial communication 
        2. Driving system: Adopt variable voltage & variable frequency(VVVF) drive 
        3. Door opening system: Adopt variable voltage variable frequency(VVVF) control and     
        synchronization toothed belt transmission gear 
        4. Man-machine interface: Adopt big pictures and high definition control dial 
        5. Security system: Adopt three-dimensional infrared light curtain protection  
        6. System software: Make full use of intelligent character of computer; possess strong    
        communication, group control and long-distance monitoring functions. 

        Rated carrying capability: 400kg-1600kg
        Rated speed: 1m/s-2.5m/s


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